In performing professional responsibilities, the course director and members shall deal fairly with professionalism and ethics.

This contract of engagement between the course director and members and Riyadh Elm University Continuing Education Center includes the following stipulations:

  1. Must respect the rules and regulations of Riyadh Elm University policies.
  2. Should not promote any company products or materials.
  3. In case of any changes and regret in the future participation of the course, they should submit an official request and get approval to withdraw or add a new speaker.
  4. Content of the CE Course will be exclusive for Riyadh Elm University to avoid conflict of interest.
  5. If the any concerned party decided to close the course, a notification for one year before the date of the next period should be accompanied by a statement of justification.


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Please attach Updated CV of the speakers

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Please attach 1 pc. high resolution of 2x2 photo of the Speaker (to be attached in the brochure)

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Please attach Copy of SCHS ID

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Please attach Brochure Design (with clinical Photo)

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Please attach Objectives

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Please attach scientific timetable of the Course

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Please attach Venue, Manpower, Materials, Course fees, and Services needed in the course

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We now acknowledge a full understanding of this engagement based on the stipulations indicated in the policy.

The financial accountability has been agreed upon and discussed before the commencement of the engagement.

Riyadh Elm University will fully support the continuing course activities during the tenure of appointment and approval.


This agreement indicates the proposal has been approved as per contract engagement. The CE Center and the Course Director shall proceed with the requirements with the terms, specifications, and conditions outlined in the agreement to maintain the quality service mutually agreed between parties.

VENUE: Continuing Education Center shall coordinate the venue and assist the Course Director with the ocular visit.

FACILITIES: Continuing Education Center shall check the facilities necessary for the workshop and the Course Director shall conduct a site visit to the facilities provided.

MATERIALS:Continuing Education Center shall facilitate all the necessary materials starting from the registration process to the workshop activity. CEC shall prepare the clinic materials, medicaments, and instruments needed in the workshop.

MANPOWER: Continuing Education Center shall provide the manpower needs like secretary, cleaner, audiovisual, assistants, and clinic supervisor required in the workshop.

FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS: Continuing Education Center shall submit the financial report which will be reviewed by the Finance and Accounting Department and approved by the Chairman of the CSSD Advisory Committee.